East Wall by Hofesh Shechter 

Will be a large-scale spectacle of dance and live music, which will take place at the Tower of London, one of the capital’s most iconic buildings, from Wed 18 – Sun 22 July 2018. Directed by Hofesh Shechter, East Wall will bring together a large cast of dancers, musicians and community participants to celebrate east London’s rich cultural heritage.


Ana Morales, Guillermo Weickert and Sabio Janiak — Sharing of Songs for the Silence

Ana Morales, Director Guillermo Weickert and composer  Sabio Janiak share and the results of a ten-day residency in which the artists will explore the potential of silence as a performing.

Hagit Yakira will be exploring the notion of falling and recovering over an 11 week period with a community group to bring you the improvised and interactive promenade performance.

Poetic and subtle, her choreographic style promises an emotionally honest and human experience in which performers and audience share connected moments of memories, off-balance and freedom in the act of falling

The performance features live music with a new composition created by Sabio Janiak


Hanging Heavy by Loop Dance Company 

Exploring Somatic Sensation is a practice initiated research project investigating Kinaesthetic Empathy, how audiences react to live performance (focusing on immersive and intimate work).

Do we feel dance as well as see it?  In a time of running to keep up with life, how can we experience the present?

‘Hanging Heavy’  is an immersive dance experiment, in collaboration with BEAM lab at The University of Manchester.  Audience groups will be tested by looking at the visceral impact of the piece. The work will evolve through the feedback garnered by creating an immersive experience with a punch, backed up by science.

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